Outdoor Lighting Services

We’re offer a variety of lighting services including:

Artistic Design

The most obvious reason for luxury landscape lighting is aesthetic: It is to make your property more attractive to the eye. Although there are many benefits of properly installed outdoor lighting — first and foremost — it is attractive and artistic. Our design staff has worked on landscape lighting throughout the Tulsa and Oklahoma City areas, and understands how to highlight the most attractive aspects of your property and landscape, by using the numerous artistic elements of lighting design.

Quality Fixtures

We offer a variety of fixtures from the top manufacturers that provide weather resistant and high quality lighting that will last longer, save you money, and are more aesthetically attractive. We have several great landscape lighting fixtures that you can choose from based on the design and price range, but regardless of the design or price all of our fixtures are of the highest quality which provide decades of beautiful lighting.

Low Voltage Lighting

Time and experience has proven that LED lights provide not only the best outdoor lighting around but also the best way to save money as they use up very little electricity and last much longer. With far less maintenance and very little investment once you have installed them all that is left is to enjoy the money you are saving and spending time on your property throughout the night.

System Maintenance

Once your landscape lighting system is installed make sure you keep in mind that maintenance is an essential part to keeping your property beautiful. Although maintenance on your lighting won’t be required often other issues may come up, not to mention that your landscape changes every day. Consider a maintenance agreement for beautifully lit landscape lighting for years to come.

Re-Installation Lighting

If your lighting was done several years ago you may be spending too much a year for upkeep and on electricity bills. For ultimate money saving lighting solutions call us for a consultation on how your currently landscape lighting system can be re-installed and see how much money you can save. T initial installation of LED outdoor lighting may be slightly more than halogen bulb lighting installation, but we guarantee that your investment will pay itself off in several years.  We will be more than happy to visit your property and give you an estimate for landscape lighting re-installation.


If you have any questions regarding our services feel free to contact us at your earliest convience.